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 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the amount I want?

We currently don’t allow our visitors to choose the amount they want, if we did, we would run out of the higher numbers very fast.  To make it fair, every visitor gets an arbitrary code from our database.  The good news is, if the PSN code amount isn’t enough, you can get another code in 24 hours! Why do I have to complete a survey?

If we didn’t have the surveys protecting our codes, there would be a very slim chance that you would get one!  These surveys protect our codes from people that try and take as many as they possibly can.  This ensures that every visitor gets an equal chance to get a free PSN code.What card amounts do you support?

At this time we currently give out $10, $20, $50, and $100 PSN cards.  Not from the USA?  Don’t worry!  Our website provides you with the right currency by running a GEO-IP search to determine which country you’re from. How many codes can I get?

We currently only enable our visitors to get one Playstation network Code every 24 hours.  This gives more people the chance to get a code from our website!  If you are caught abusing our service, you will be blacklisted.